Animal Croquet Set & Horse Shoe Toss

Animal Croquet Set & Horse Shoe Toss

Alejandra Valera
Jun 27, 2007

While we always thought croquet sounded a bit too highfalutin' for our tastes, there is nothing hoity-toity about this fun Animal Croquet Set from Back to Basics Toys.

A quirky frog, alligator, parrot, cow and more beckon you to play -- even if you don't know the rules! The set comes with 6 wickets, 4 mallets, 4 balls and 12 wicket stands, $29.99

If croquet still isn't your thing, invite the kids to play a game of horse shoes. Also from Back to Basics, this rubber horse shoe set, $9.99, is made to be used indoor or outdoors and comes with 2 pins and 2 sets of horse shoes. We like the vintage-looking box it comes in.

Go outside and play!

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