Animal House by Catherine Ledner

Animal House by Catherine Ledner

Carrie McBride
Aug 7, 2007

Animal House minus the frat boys. Imagine a plush boarding house where animals occupy every room: armadillos, flamingos, tortoises, penguins, sheep, lions. Photographer Catherine Ledner has done just that in her whimsical animal portraits which charmingly juxtapose these undomesticated creatures against quite domestic backgrounds. Her forthcoming book pairs the portraits with humorous poetry and light verse to create a delectable volume perfect for a quirky nursery.

The verse may be a bit sophisticated for your kids, but the book would be enormous fun to page through and let kids create their own stories. Each animal, like this chicken strutting her stuff, has a distinct personality and human-like qualities. We could also imagine framing a few of your kids' favorite prints if you could bear dismantling the book.

Animal House will be released next month and is available for pre-order. For a sneak peek at the book and to see more of Ledner's portraits go here.

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