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Q: I saw some adorable placemats in our local children's museum giftshop that had children's names spelled out in animal-shaped letters. They were super cute, but of course they did not have my daughter's or niece's name. I thought I could make them the same thing myself, but I am having trouble finding a cute kid-friendly animal shaped font on the internet. I was hoping for a free font, as the only one I found that might kind of work was $26. Do you happen to know where I might find a free animal shaped font?

Sent by Elizabeth

Editor: I couldn't find quite what you were looking for either although I found many fonts with animals in them. The free font above is KR A Day At the Zoo at Fontspace. (I found a really cute bunny-shaped font there, too). Can anyone help Elizabeth? Have you seen a font where the letter are shaped like animals?

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