Ann Demeulemeester's Carte Blanche Tables

Ann Demeulemeester's Carte Blanche Tables

Aaron Able
Apr 3, 2007

Fashion Folks will know the designer Ann Demeulemeester has a unique, experimental and minimalist style. This style transitions to furniture when Demeulemeester designed a table for the Carte Blanche collection for Belgian furniture company, Bulo..."I wanted to return to the essential shape of a table, like a child would draw it…"

Available in four sizes at Moss. Via T Style.

Described as having the "virginity of an unpainted canvas," we think it looks like a table wrapped in canvas and tacked with upholstery tacks or small nails with large heads. When Moss lists these special instructions: The table can be repainted to retain its pure white color, we want to wrap our IKEA table in white canvas and paint it bright white (and save about $2500). What do you think about DIY Demeulemeester?

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