Anna's Faux Barn Door Entryway

Anna's Faux Barn Door Entryway


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Chicago, IL
Square Feet:
Under 1000 sqft: Owner
What I Love About My Entryway:
As a first-time owner of a little loft in the city, I thought I could personalize everything. Until I realized I couldn’t swap out the HOA-approved front door for my dream barn door. So I fell back on some DIY renter’s hacks: using wood-paneled wallpaper, decorative iron door straps, and some black paint, I made my very own faux barn door. With the distressed wood tones alongside gold-framed mirrors, the entryway’s neutral palette calms me every time I come home.
Three of My Best Tips and Tricks for Creating a Successful Entryway:
Decorate the door. I used to focus on the front of my front door—until I joined my current condo association that prohibits even minor alterations like a wreath or a welcome mat. By putting effort into the inside of my front door, I now get to enjoy it the entire time I’m inside!

Conceal the keys . . . and coats and shoes. I usually come home with plenty of clutter, like a bag of groceries or a pile of mail, so I don’t want to encounter an already cluttered entryway. I hide my keys in a decorative urn, and I keep my coats and shoes in closets and cabinets.

Maximize a mirror. I love having a full-length mirror to check right before I leave. But it isn’t just utilitarian. It can expand and brighten a tiny entrance hall. And combined with a chandelier, a mirror can make any entryway instantly glam!
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