Anna's Little Balcony

Small, Cool Outdoors Entry #29

Name: Anna
Location: Padua, Italy
Size: 33 square feet

Your Favorite Thing About Your Outdoor Space: I love the fact that it is quite cold even in our hot Italian summers. Sun shines only for a couple of hours, at noon, so you can sit to read or just to have a cup of tea.

Biggest Design Challenge With This Space: The very small place and the lack of privacy. We live at a very low first floor and the road is so close. Neighbours are very curious! We very lucky the wisteria plants decided to hang on our fence and this help to create a sort of natural curtain.

Tips for Creating a Great Small Outdoor Space: The first is to find a good garden nursery with someone who you can help you to find the right plants for your place. Then, consider the outdoor place as another room of your home and treat plants as living creatures. Take care of them. They are not just pieces of furniture. The will appreciate your attention and repay you with blooms. Do not overwhelm your place with too many pots of plants and things. Choose a few colours, unless you want an "arlecchino" effect.

Thanks, Anna, and good luck!

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