Anna's Lovely, Art-Filled Apartment

House Call

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Name: Anna Reser
Location: Norman, Oklahoma

One of the best things about moving for graduate school was the opportunity to have my own place since I've always lived with roommates. My little apartment has some issues (those cracks along the windows, yikes) but I like it quite a lot and I'm slowly making it my own.

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I'd like to paint soon, as it's a bit like living inside a jar of peanut butter at the moment.

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I try to stick with the idea that you should only keep things you need and things you find beautiful, which fits with my acquisitive attitude toward the lovely things my friends make.

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My new favorite thing is the dresser that I use for a sideboard. It could do with refinishing, but I won't have time for a project like that until summer.

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It is difficult to focus on my home when I'm so busy with school, but I do a little here and there, and most importantly surround myself with things I love.

Thanks, Anna Reser!

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(Image credits: Anna Reser)