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Portland, OR
Square Feet:
What I Love About My Small Home:
My favorite thing about my apartment is living on a high floor with large windows that let in tons of light even on cloudy days, and the views out across my neighborhood to the forested hills a few blocks away. I live in a dense neighborhood and on a busy street, but being several floors up and on the side of the building it's always quiet and peaceful here. One of the main reasons I chose this apartment was the plethora of built in storage options. Between the large walk-in closet (with another closet within as well as the built-in dresser), the glass front cabinets where my books are, and the kitchen cabinets up to the ceiling, I haven't even filled it all up.
Three of My Best Tips and Tricks for Creating a Successful Small Space::
I choose to only have things that I really love and need in my home, and to let go of anything that doesn't feel perfect for my space anymore. Since I can see most of my stuff from just about anywhere in my apartment, I surround myself with things that I actually want to look at.
I embrace life in a studio and to me it feels unnecessary to pretend I live in a one bedroom by creating fake walls with bookshelves or curtains.
I accept how I actually live in my home. I know from past experience that I almost never sit at a dining room table and would rather eat on the sofa, so I choose to not have a table for now and instead I've made the dining room into a cozy reading nook. I'm not the type to have a bunch of people over at one time, so I didn't set up my apartment to accommodate that. And I ride my bike daily so it makes sense to keep it near the door where I can just grab it on my way out rather than having to lift it on and off a hook or take it out of the closet.