(Another) Recycled iPhone Stand: With Help from Polaroid

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We have to wonder why anybody would spend money on a dock or stand for their iPhone when there are so many green DIY options ready to be rigged up. We just featured this post on a stand made from binder clips, but before that, we brought you the dollar bill iPhone stand and these two ideas using the iPhone packaging itself. Now, if you were smart (dumb?) enough to stock up on mountains of Polaroid film before they stopped manufacturing it, you'll be able to make a stand out of the empty film cartridges...

The image above the cut is from polapix's Flickr stream. From what we can tell, he is a photographer that works pretty exclusively with the famous instant film.

He's also built himself a wall-mounting cradle (below) for his Sonos controller from a piece of wood and the clear sides of a CD-R package. Pretty crafty dude, huh?

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