Antero Kjaer's Ikea(hack) Lamp

Antero Kjaer's Ikea(hack) Lamp

Grace Shu
Jun 17, 2008

Remember artist/potter Antero Kjaer's guest room solution? What we love about her home is that she takes affordable and existing pieces and customizes them. Take a look at these Ikea Basisk lamps in her living room: it normally comes with a cheap plastic shades...

[ Photos from Mettes Potteri ]

...but Kjaer has replaced them with her own hand-thrown porcelain shades. As she says, "I have always liked the way light filters through handtrown porcelain; it reminds me of the rings of Saturn...I love the way the shades gives out light so similar to candles."

Check out more inspiration at Kjaer's blog Mettes Potteri.

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