Anthropologie Folding Chair DIY Help?

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Q: Have you seen these chairs from Anthropologie? They are amazing, but also amazingly expensive. For fold up chairs? Please. I am DIY-challenged, and would LOVE for an expert to give me some advice on how to take some wooden fold up chairs, and turn them into Anthro-esque awesomeness. I have some African fabric from when I lived in Southern Africa, and I would love to use it. Any advice, tips, and comments would be greatly appreciated!

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Overdyed Terai Chair at Anthropologie, $198

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Editor: We actually featured a How To for a DIY version of this type of chair a few years ago! Hope this helps: How To: DIY Upholstered Folding Chairs

Anyone have any further advice or suggestions? Let megerkel know in the comments — thanks!

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