Antique Baby Carriages

Antique Baby Carriages

Beth Callaghan
Feb 23, 2012
Steamline Giordani Vintage Stroller via My Internal Design

We recently saw some amazing vintage strollers floating around the internet, and it made us wonder: what about using these as decor in the nursery? We've seen old prams repurposed as planters before, but perhaps they might make stunning pieces in a child's room.

Dottie over at Modern Kiddo posted last month about antique carriages, noting that they used one they received as a gift as a bassinette. While Dottie bemoans the fact that they didn't use it as a stroller much, perhaps that's exactly what we could do with these beautiful pieces of design. A basinette? Storage for stuffed animals? A rolling book cart?

We've featured a few beautiful oldies above. Can you picture them repurposed in the nursery? What might you use them for?

Give us some ideas in the comments!

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