Ideas for Redoing Odd Laundry Room?

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Q: I am looking for any ideas for redoing our small, odd laundry room. As you can see from the photos, the room currently has very old cabinets which aren't being well utilized, and no way to hide the pipes, cords, and vents that go with a washer and dryer. We can't put the washer and dryer against the wall for some reason that relates to the pipes, cords, and vents, which then makes it impossible for me to reach the shelves behind them. We've also got our cat boxes in there simply because it's the closest thing we have to a "hidden" space in the entire house:

What I'm hoping for is to a) preserve as much storage space as I can, as this is the closest thing we have a pantry (never mind that it's down a flight of stairs from the kitchen...), b) to hide the cat boxes without resorting to a covered box, and c) make the room look nice, instead of... you know... what it currently is.

Any ideas? I'd love to fit a folding station in there somehow, perhaps a table over top of the boxes?

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