Anywhere Sofa from Urban Outfitters

Anywhere Sofa from Urban Outfitters

May 12, 2008
We envy people who have dedicated guest rooms, but like many urban dwellers we simply don't have the space. Despite that fact, we have regular over night guests and hauling the futon from the deep recesses of the closet is a bit of a pain. Traditional sofa beds are heavy and you always risk the "bar in the middle of the back" problem, which is why we like the idea of the Anywhere Sofa.

Folding out to three "high-density foam cushions" there is no bar to dig into your back, and while in sofa form you have a great looking modern sofa in a goes-with-anything charcoal grey or a fun bright red.

Has anyone tried this sofa out yet?

$280 plus $115 shipping charge at Urban Outfitters.

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