AOpen mini PC

AOpen mini PC

May 25, 2007

You look vaguely familiar... have we seen you somewhere before?

AOpen's mini PC is a tiny computer meant to sit on your desk or be carried with you. Its manufacturer emphasizes its small footprint, ease of portability, and quiet operation. If you think its design looks vaguely familiar, you're not alone. It is essentially a rip-off of the Mac mini design with the power button on the front.

But a little deeper examination revealed some added features that might interest some of you. The power button and USB inputs on the front are a nice added touch. It also has a TV output allowing it to be hooked directly to the television. The audio outputs are also a bonus, as there are two which would allow you to hook it up to a surround sound system. This could be one sweet little media PC.

We haven't found a price for it, as we believe it has just been released. As for availability, click here to find a reseller near you.

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