(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )

One of the joys of having time off is the ability to let yourself "waste" time doing whatever you want. Over our holiday break, we spent an entire afternoon looking at amateur and professional stop-motion animation videos online. Many of the people that make these time-intensive videos use their apartments as the set, and their daily activities as the storyline. The stop-motion stories we're most drawn to elevate the mundane details of apartment living and give a glimpse into the day to day lives of ordinary people. Click below for a few of our favorites...

Amazing...a city on a bookshelf:
A comedy about assembling flat-packed bookshelves to the tune of Radiohead:
A day in the life in less than two minutes:
The adventures of a chair that leaves the confines of its apartment:
The secret life of matryoshka dolls:
The way you start to see the world when you've played too many video games: