(Image credit: Apartment Therapy )
Not many of us can afford to decorate our homes exactly the way we'd like due to cost and space constraints. But how about exploring your decorating whims from a "virtual" perspective? Treading lightly into the territory of our AT Home Tech wing, we'd like to share some interesting information about Playstation 3's immersive virtual world, simply called Home, for the simple fact it looks pretty darn impressive (and that's coming from a Nintendo Wii fanboy). Video under the cut.

You'll be able to decorate apartments, homes, gardens and interact in neighborhoods with fellow friends and strangers, and by the looks of the promo reel, with a selection of furnishings straight out the finest Design Within Reach catalog (I think I even see vinyl wall stickers). Perhaps Home will allow us fellow small space dwellers to live large without the mortgage and financial constraints. Maybe we could even one day host a virtual decor contest online for those of us nerdy enough (aka me) to bother decorating a non-existent space.