Apartment Therapy’s Travel Tips

Over the years Apartment Therapy community has blogged about and debated the fine points of traveling well: covering everything from how to prepare your home for your absence, packing light, traveling with pets and how to fight those post vacation blues.

Here are a few that are worth revisiting.

Preparing to Leave

"Things to Do Around the House Before a Trip"

“Don’t Forget: Checklist for Making the Perfect Getaway”

“Travel Tips: Doing Research Before Going Abroad”

“5 Tips When Preparing to Leave for a Trip”

“Caring for Plants While on Vacation”

“Do You Unplug While on Vacation?”

“The Vacation Checklist for Your Home”

“Covering All the Bases Before Vacation”


“Inspiration: Packing Light”

“5 Tips for Packing Light”

“What’s Your Luggage Packing Style?”

“Meditation: On Traveling Light”

“What’s Your Travel Must Have”

“10 Under $10: Stylish Travel Gear”

Traveling with Pets

“Pets on a Plane: Things to Know Before You Travel”

“Best Tips for Traveling with Pets”

Coming Home

“Avoiding the Post Vacation Blues”

Images: Apartment Therapy