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What's Your Favorite Thing?

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You've met Ernie the Cat, you've swooned over Rebecca Robertson's Mother of Pearl Collection, you've dusted off your old records and danced around the room when no one was looking. But we want to know - what's your favorite thing?

You don't have to be an expert, an old person, a young person, or a stylish person - you just have to love your favorite thing.

• Submissions: Do you live in New York City? Tell us here and we'll consider sending our video team to tape you for the site!

If you live somewhere else in the world, would you consider videotaping yourself? Email us (Rebecca@apartmenttherapy.com) and we'll tell you how!!

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Rebecca Blumhagen (@rblumes) is an actor, writer and filmmaker who lives in NYC. She loves to travel for great ideas and important stories and counts it an honor to be able to bring Apartment Therapy personalities to life through video!