Apartment Therapy Contributor Style: Regina's Own Bedroom

The bedroom at my house is not itself lately. You see, our newborn baby moved in about a month ago! Now we have a crib, a changing table where my desk used to be, and an ottoman for propping my feet up when I'm sitting at the chair with her. We're even getting ready to hang a mobile, so this is quite the all-ages room for now:

The wall space over our bed is noticeably bare. I've toyed with the idea of a headboard but I don't think that would necessarily work with our simple platform bed. I do, however, have a oversized print of the image below (a storm we photographed out on the prairie) that I think would look great here. I just have to get around to making a DIY floating frame for it.

The light blue walls were this color when we moved in and I love it. They're blue, but they're neutral, if that makes any sense. The walls are due for a new paint job, but I plan to keep the same color (which is Benjamin Moore's Stone White).

While the bedroom used to be more serene, I like the color introduced by baby's belongings. Her quilt and ottoman's bold colors might be just the accents the room needed. When she moves on to her own room, maybe I'll have to find some ways to incorporate some bold accessories into the room.

The built-in vanity shown above used to be my desk. Now it's a changing table.

With the large ottoman, our old futon chair makes the perfect comfy spot for night nursings. And we love the exercise ball for calming babe instead of a rocker.

Our house is full of symmetry, including the entry into this room. On the right is the open bedroom door and on the left is a closed closet door. This makes for white paneled wood on either side of you as you enter the bedroom through a short hall:

Much like my living room and kitchen, this room is in flux. Maybe that just means we're living life. I might just learn to let go of the idea of attaining a "finished" room yet.


(Image credits: Regina Yunghans)