Apartment Therapy Contributor Style: Shifrah's Own Bedroom

I never would have done it consciously, but it turns out that most of the rooms in our home are decorated around some kind of red/orange and blue color scheme. Our bedroom illustrates this well. Again, it's a mix of old family treasures and new pieces my husband and I picked out together. We both find it warm and restful, cozy and enveloping, just like we want our bedroom to be.

There was really only one place where the king bed fit with the nightstands, and that was between the windows. Symmetry in a bedroom is an easy way to contribute to a calm and peaceful atmosphere. And after trying many different plants, these white birds of paradise seem happy with the amount and type of light we get in this room.

How gorgeous is the setee? It's a favorite inheritance from my grandparents, brought to Florida all the way from California. (I usually keep the curtains closed to keep the direct morning light from fading the fabric.) The granddaughter clock is another family heirloom, one of a set of two made for my mother and her twin sister. The gold in the clock picks up several other gold accents that are in the room as well, including the touches in the intricate picture frames, salvaged from my grandparents' place, that display wedding portraits.

This incredible dresser was also my grandmother's, and I topped it with just a few beautiful items that bring me joy every time I see them, including my grandmother's filigree jewelry boxes and a porcelain bouquet from my first trip to Italy.

Over the dresser, I've hung both a painting and an antique gold mirror. Together they almost span the width of the dresser and provide both balance and interest.

My husband's dresser is a darker, very rich and warm wood that matches our bed frame and nightstands. I love how the antiqued brass knobs repeat the gold accents throughout the room.

The ceiling is one of the best parts of the room and uses both the main dark blue color of the walls and the lighter accent wall color, which is what we have behind our bed.


  • Lamp bases: Cost Plus World Market
  • Duvet cover: Pottery Barn
  • Bed, Dresser, and Nightstands: Better Homes and Gardens via a local furniture store
  • Blanket at the foot of the bed: Ikea
  • Gold mirror above dark dresser: Ross
  • White planters: Ikea

(Image credits: Shifrah Combiths)