Apartment Therapy Contributor Style: Andie's Own Bathroom

I have to admit that out of all of the rooms I am profiling in our Behind the Blog series, our bathroom is my least favorite, but it has come a long way. Small and quaint, it is by no means my "dream bathroom," but it is clean, white and taken care of.

When we moved into our condo, this bathroom was painted in a deep coral gloss, with matching tile and scarlet trim. I cannot begin to imagine why anyone would choose those colors in such a tiny space, but we got our paint buckets out and went to work painting the walls with a nice, bright white.

We changed the light fixture (unfortunately you can't see it in these photos) from the original 1940s fixture that offered no light. We still only have one electrical outlet in this room which is nestled into the fixture. If we were staying here for longer, we would invest in an electrician to add more outlets—but we decided to save that money for our future house.

This is the original mirror/medicine cabinet from when the building was constructed. We decided to keep that one because it's charming and useful. It even has a slot for "used razor blades" inside. (Don't worry—we took the mirror off to fill the area behind it with insulation and found that there are no old, icky blades hiding!)

The vanity is a few years old and is a very standard, cabinet-style storage vanity. I don't particularly like it, but again, it works and we saved money for our future dream bathroom. The little white cabinet to the left was actually from the previous owners and we decided to leave it. I'm not sure of the source.

I like to offset the white of the bathroom with lots of clean stripes and muted colors. The bathroom is very small, so the simpler the decor, the cleaner it feels. The towels, shower curtain and floor mat are all from West Elm.

This little cabinet holds just about everything. (Everything we want people to be able to see, that is.) Inside, we keep accoutrement jars, perfumes, candles and q-tips, and use the "towel rack" on the bottom to hold extra toilet paper. I placed a bit of woodgrain contact paper on the shelves for a bit of a contrast.

We keep decor in the bathroom to a limit—anything in here tends to get dusty or sticky and needs to be cleaned constantly. Sometimes we place fresh flowers on the sink, and we keep a few of my favorite art pieces on the walls. The polar bear art work is by friend Ryan Berkley, and the pheasant print is from The Animal Print Shop.

We re-enameled the tub several years ago, and the floor was re-tiled in the beginning of this year with help by my wonderful parents. It was so refreshing say goodbye to the old deep coral, cracked tile and hello to clean, white square tiles. It's pretty easy to lay tile yourself with a few lessons from your local hardware store.

The coral and scarlet tile is still hiding behind that shower curtain—a project for another day, but in the meantime the space is clean, bright and happy. We like that we've created a clean slate for any potential buyer, regardless of their style. Plus, you know me—white walls and tile are definitely my favorite!

While there are aspects of our entire condo that I would change if I could, it's important to remember that our homes are always changing with new styles and circumstances. Loving our spaces the way they are in the meantime makes for a happy home. (A cute dog always helps as well!)

Other resources of note:

• Paint Colors: Behr Polar Bear
• Shower curtain, striped towel and floor mat: West Elm
• Vanity and Toilet: Home Depot
• Pottery jars: vintage
• Green alarm clock: Pottery Barn Baby

(Image credits: Andie Powers)