Apartment Therapy Contributor Style: Andie's Own Bedroom

As you've probably noticed from my previous posts about our living room and kitchen, we value simplicity and minimalism, with a touch of color and lots of white. Our bedroom is no different, and offers even more of an airy reprieve.

Having a white, open space in our bedroom was the most important element to me. This room has gone through a color transformation—from an ugly avocado when I moved in, to a light yellow, then a medium grey (we left the ceiling that color) and now to a bright white. I wanted to find color in other areas of the room such as our rugs and bedspread, but keep it pretty muted throughout.

The way that our bedroom is set up, the bed has just about two places that it can be placed comfortably, so we chose the base of the window for the greatest functionality. We placed a wider curtain frame behind the bed to create a more welcoming look and soften up that window.

We're expecting a baby this fall, so our bedroom has been deemed "temporary nursery" as well. Our West Elm dresser is just wide enough and at perfect task level to act as a changing station.

The gallery wall grows constantly and is my favorite part of the room. A gift portrait of our dog from our friend, artist Joey Bates, and our wedding portrait by Ashley Goldberg are my favorite pieces. Others include work by Daniel McCarthy and Lisa Congdon, plus a wedding photo and an "8" I managed to finagle when my old apartment building in Los Angeles was revamping its street address.

That tiny little door is our only bedroom closet. I will never understand the motivation behind the floor plans of these very old condo buildings, but to answer your questions: yes, we put both of our sets of clothing in that one little space and yes, it is a juggling act. My recommendation would be to section off a top and bottom "compartment," with a shelf and use two clothing bars. The tallest person gets the top.

We chose a mini crib simply because of space issues, and hope this one works nicely. It fits in lots of little corners of the condo and will eventually have a place of its own. The toys and Pendleton lap blanket (a gift from my parents to match our larger, vintage version) are keeping the space warm for now, but will be evicted when baby comes.

For lack of space to put my husband's guitar, banjolin and ukelele, we mounted them on the wall. I'd love a large scale art piece right there, but with little storage space, getting them up off the floor was first and foremost in our minds.

Though we're not quite there yet, we're planning for a lot middle-of-the-night feeding, changing and putting a baby to sleep. We are hoping that these little shake lights will act as night lights that can travel with us to the kitchen, bathroom and corners of the bedroom. That way, whoever is not on baby duty can hopefully continue sleeping or at least not get a bright light bulb to the face. We cut little faces out of black duct tape to make them a bit more fun.

Stay tuned for the last installment—our bathroom next week!

Other resources of note

• Paint Colors: Behr Polar Bear, Benjamin Moore Sharkey Grey
• Bed, Nightstands, Rugs: Ikea
• Dresser: West Elm
• Origami Mini Crib: Babyletto
• Lamps: Target
• Mobile: Artecnica Inc
• Changing Tray, pad, cover, dachshund stuffie: Land of Nod
• Stroller blanket: Pendleton
• Chihuahua stuffie: Three Bad Seeds
• Quilt: homemade, inspired by S.D. Evans Quilts
• Pillow cases: Land of Nod
• Black and white pillow: homemade
• Shake lights: Amazon

(Image credits: Andie Powers)