Apartment Therapy Contributor Style: Erin's Own Bathroom

Of all the rooms in my home my bathroom is the one I was least inclined to share in this "behind the blog" contributor house tour. It's not what you're thinking, I like my bathroom, it has some older fixtures and natural wear and tear, but it's in pretty good shape and I've had fun decorating it. The truth is, my bathroom gets some odd (r.e. hard to photograph) light and features several truly bizarre (again, hard to photograph) angles that I was worried about. However, as I said, I really do like my bathroom and I am so happy I get to share it!

I sometimes feel like I'm in some sort of quiet minority that loves old bathrooms. I love old tiles and old fixtures, especially if they're unusual colors like burgundy or any kind of pastel. I feel cheered by the bright tiles and the thought that these bathrooms were put in in the hopeful post-Depression and post-war years when bright colors and whimsical motifs were prevalent. In fact, I'm so in to this that I had one insane moment where I wanted to rent an otherwise awful apartment because it had a perfect-condition 1950s hot pink bathroom, including hot pink toilet and bathtub. It was crazy, but pretty awesome and definitely unique! Since leaving my parents' home to go to college more than a decade ago the youngest building I've lived in was built in 1927 (Including a dorm built in the 1890s!), so my love of old bathrooms might have started as a bit of a coping mechanism, but it has certainly developed from there.

This bathroom in my 1910 building was renovated in the 1950s (with a new sink being added sometime in the last few years) in black and white, so it's not bright and colorful but it does have a lot of character. The tile floor has seen better days, the tiles probably needed to be resealed over the years, but it never happened so they're in a perpetual state of semi-dinginess. I'm kind of dying to try to clean them with extra strength peroxide like Sherry and John of Young House Love did quite a few years back, but I don't know if that's overkill for a place I don't own.

To combat some storage issues I placed an Ikea Rast chest (painted with Anthropologie hardware added) behind the door. Hooks above hold towels and a tote containing a hairdryer and round brush. I saw this hanging tote hair dryer solution at a hotel several years ago and it has been a lifesaver in this storage-less bathroom! Quick PSA for any landlord thinking of renovating, please, please, please do not replace a sink cabinet with a pedestal sink. These things haunt me, they might make a bathroom appear more spacious, but they create an enormous storage problem!

Another little cabinet hangs on the wall next to the door for storing first aid and infrequently used items like bug repellant, as well as a few odd tall items. We needed a place to store taller liquid items that couldn't go in their sides as the built in medicine cabinet has fixed shelves that are only about four-inches tall, this fits the bill perfectly!

The black and white tile has given us the opportunity to have some fun with punchy color. It's easy to swap out some of the art and the shower curtain to create an entirely new feel in here. Everything we've added to the walls, frames, hooks, shelves, and cabinets, are neutral and form part of the black and white background that makes accessorizing so fun. We do currently have an orange toilet seat, mostly because I thought it was hilarious and figured I might never have another opportunity to incorporate something quite so odd. It's an easy switch to replace the orange seat with a basic black or white one when we're tired of the quirky look.

So, this marks the end of the sneak peeks into my home. I've truly enjoyed getting to share my space!


(Image credits: Erin Roberts)