Apartment Therapy Contributor Style: Regina's Own Bathroom

Remember how I told you that my kitchen renovation is on hold until we have a better idea of how long we'll be living in our home? Well, the same thing goes for the bathroom—more-so, even:

I love the basics of this bathroom: the shape and size of the room, the gentle curve of the walls up onto the ceiling, the fact that it has a window. I also love some of the old fixtures: the sink, the hefty tub, and the basic but awesome shower head. But the room's finishes have seen much, much better days.

I've done very little with the mostly-original 1930s room, as I can't commit to anything costly (again, staving that off until we know whether we're renovating for our long term selves or just to sell). I replaced bulky, dated glass shower doors with a seersucker curtain, which is a great improvement. We added a step stool for my son. I really think that's about it. The list of problems is much greater:

The tile is painted white, with a peachy-beige-y color beneath. The paint on said tile is peeling. Anytime I clean it with the slightest bit of effort, the paint peels further. The toilet is old and extremely inefficient (though I am charmed by it and the sink's matching chamfered corners). The wall paint, while I love the color, is applied unevenly. The mirror, well, you see it.

I have an extremely solidified list of to-do's once I have the go-ahead of permanence in this home. I envision the room remaining as classic as it is now, but updated. Nothing too fancy, just some really solid basics that are in keeping with the original style of the room.

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(Image credits: Regina Yunghans)