Apartment Therapy Design Evenings: Oeuf

Apartment Therapy Design Evenings: Oeuf

Aaron Able
Mar 11, 2011

• What: Apartment Therapy Design Evenings
• February Guest: Sophie Demenge & Michael Ryan of Oeuf
• Apartment Therapy Design Evenings: Meetup
• Attendance: 140+


February's meetup — held in our new location, the Deepak Homebase at ABC Carpet & Home — started off with our "warm-up" series featuring two guest designers.


John Berg of Berg Design Architects shared several of his furniture pieces, designed primarily for his architecture clients. He believes that furniture should be functional first and foremost, yet also be a work of art within the space it inhabits. Each piece represents his design philosophy of marrying three forces of artistic tension: modern geometry, natural finishes, and enigmatic / quirky elements that imply movement within the piece.

The Symbiotic Dining Table has a bleached chestnut wood top with blackened steel legs reaching through the surface of the tabletop, placing the "quirky" element right on the surface of the piece. The leg fasteners are concealed, making the fluidity of the piece even more pronounced. The Quandry Table, a runner-up in Apartment Therapy's recent design competition, has been produced several times for various clients. The Escher-esque geometry of the legs implies fluidity and movement, while the modern form reflects a clean aesthetic. The Boat Table, made of wood and glass, has a sinewy frame that belies the strength of the piece, while the Coffee Table for a Collector, John's first design, allows the client to exhibit his or her favorite collectibles in between two sheets of glass. The final piece John shared with us, the Triangle Lamp, is a beautiful form, somewhat like a deformed equilateral triangle. While John is not mass-producing pieces as of yet, he would like to explore that opportunity.


Alexandra Ferguson, Founder of A Sassy Little Pillow Company, shared her wares with us, from her first Be Nice or Leave pillow to some of her latest statement pillows, including Let's Make Out and Go to the Gym. When she started, people told her the pillow market was saturated, that there wasn't the need for another pillow designer. Alexandra boldly combined frank statements with her desire to create a sustainable product and went to market. Each pillow is made of 100% recycled materials, from the felt cover (made of recycled water bottles) to the fill, and is 100% made in the USA. Alexandra's products can be found online in her Etsy store and at stores all around the country.

Sophie Demenge & Michael Ryan of OEUF