What did you do this summer? I find that the end of this season, more than any other, provokes reflection, whether you're mulling over a trove of sun-drenched memories or feeling a bit wistful about not having done enough. So while we're in a reflective mood, here are some of our favorite memories, big and small, from this summer's tours.

1. The backyard dinner party at Cheyenne Weaver's
2. The tiniest, sweetest kitchen in Christopher & Merete's Truly Tiny Home on the Range
3. The painted rainbow on the wall of Dan & Shannon's Cozy New Home
4. The charming outdoor patio (and charming yorkie puppy!) at Merisa's Playful Modern Apartment
5. A perfect collection of photos and books from Carol's Architectural Home in the Hills

6. The painted staircase runner in Paige Blackburn's Cozy Mapleton Hill Home
7. The outdoor disco ball and unbeatable view from Mark's "Retro Cabin Mod" in Eagle Rock
8. Stunning silk aerials in the backyard at Tolly's Peaceful Home and Adventurous Backyard
9. The Starry Night mural on the back wall of Reese and Sarah Hazel's Welcoming Home
10. Lego Village People, spotted at Bert & David's Lego Loving Style

(Images: as linked above)