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Apple AirPort Express Base Station$99.00Apple

It's easy to understand why this mundane piece of networking hardware was easily overlooked after the announcement of those sexy new Retina Display MacBook Pros. But Apple's latest AirPort Express aligns with the Mac Mini and the Apple TV, a form factor which almost entirely eliminates the need to disguise or hide your device. This new version now broadcasts in both the 2.4GHz and 5.0GHz frequency bands; in theory, this should offer faster speeds with less interference from home appliances and phones. You can still plug in a USB printer like before, connect to your stereo via analog/optical audio jack, and now there's an Ethernet WAN port for wired connections, inching closer to the Airport Extreme Base Station in features. But most importantly, the puck size wireless router just works, probably the easiest router on the market for Mac users.