Apple Rumors: What's All About The Brick?

Apple Rumors: What's All About The Brick?

Taryn Williford
Sep 29, 2008

Apple is hosting yet another big bash in October similar to the "Let's Rock" event recently that unleashed a whole spectrum of iPod Nanos. Nobody at Apple has let the entire cat out of the bag on what's waiting for us, but an unnamed source has said that "It's all about the brick." Nobody knows for sure if that's a clue to the design of the new gadget or if it's just a codename for a new product that's bound to smash Windows (get it?!), but rumors are running rampant on the internet. A few ideas, and a chance to tell us yours, after the jump.

Some ideas from the blogosphere:

  • Cult of Mac is hoping that the brick is an all-screen laptop, sort of like two iTouch screens connected with a hinge.

  • The Unofficial Apple Weblog is thinking that it's a tablet computer, which takes it's design and technological cues from the MacBook Air

  • iPhone Savior is thinking it's a Mac Mini Pro, somewhere in between a Mac Mini and a Mac Pro, noting that the Mac computers already tend to resemble bricks.

  • ComputerWorld has the idea that it is a kind of wireless docking station that features a USB hub, allowing you to wirelessly connect your MacBook to the peripherals on your desktop.

So what do you guys think? Post your ideas (or hopes!) in the comments...

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