Apple Trackpad + Sticker + Software = Magic Numpad

Apple Trackpad + Sticker + Software = Magic Numpad

Taryn Williford
Sep 1, 2011

I love my compact little 13" MacBook Pro. I really do. But I'm sick and tired of having to hunt down numbers on the top row of the keypad. I'm a square kind of girl. I like my number keys laid out in a grid like the good old-fashioned days. So clearly, I need this Magic Numpad accessory from Mobee. It turns an Apple Magic Trackpad into a number pad computer accessory.

Balmuda's Numberkey App for iPhone

Until now, I've been making good use of Balmuda's Numberkey App for iPhone (pictured above). It's a handy accessory, to be sure. But it gets annoying if you need to use your phone at the same time. Like to check for a new mention on Twitter.

But now with The Magic Numpad? I'm sold.

The Magic Numpad turns your Apple Magic Trackpad into a number-pad keyboard extension. Choose from one of the three different removable films included in the kit, and then install the software to your machine. You can choose between a full number keypad (plus arrow keys and home, end and delete keys), or a number keypad that still leaves some room for normal trackpad'ing.

And if you want to still be able to use your whole Trackpad as a trackpad? You'll be able to easily toggle between trackpad and numpad mode with a keyboard shortcut or the Mobee icon on your desktop menu bar.

The Magic Numpad from Mobee is compatible with mac OSX Snow Leopard and Lion. Get one now for $29.90 from

Mobee also has a line of conductive charging accessories for Apple wireless keyboards and the Magic Mouse. Check 'em out here.

via Gizmodo

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