Blogging Wired: Apple's Most Notorious Flops

Blogging Wired: Apple's Most Notorious Flops

Jan 29, 2008

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again? What doesn't kill you makes you stronger? It looks like both of these phrases are true when you look at some of the products that have come before the Macbook Air and iPhone. So what exactly are we talking about?

Thanks to magnusotis for the pic.

Wired has a nice rundown of some notably bad Apple products which include:

  • The Apple Newtom

  • The Apple Pippin

  • The Twentieth Anniversary Mac

  • Macintosh TV

  • G4 Cube - although I actually lliked this machine and still wouldn't mind having one

  • Apple IIC

  • The hockey puck mouse

  • The Apple Lisa
  • I would add the iPod Hi-fi to this list.

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