Alternatives to Apple's New Earpods:
Better Sound For Less Than $100

Alternatives to Apple's New Earpods:
Better Sound For Less Than $100

Range Govindan
Sep 25, 2012

Amidst the hullabaloo of Apple's recent iPhone event, perceptive people noticed the redesign of Apple's venerable earpod. Everyone that has had an iPod or iPhone has used one of these, and they were among the worst earphones I've had, since they constantly kept popping out of my ears. Here are some alternatives to the new Apple earpods, which will guarantee better sound without costing too much.

1. Shure SE115: While they are no longer listed on the Shure USA website, I've had a pair of these earphones and they lasted me 4 years before breaking down this year. I took these on all of my runs, and thanks to the ear tips available, they rarely slipped out. You can find these for $60.

2. Shure SE215: If you've got the budget, and can afford to spend $95, then check out these earphones. They work well, and offer a better sound that the SE115.

3. Grado iGi: Grado is well-known for their high-end headphones, but they make also very good earphones. These ones cost about $89 and deliver a lot of sound for this price.

4. Klipsch Image S4: These recently-made earphones come with the latest technology, and they've got adequate passive noise isolation.

5. Sennheiser CX 880: These earphones are often underrated, but they will perform well under most circumstances. Some users report problems with sibilance, but unless your music is compressed at very low quality, this won't be a problem.

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