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Want to go with DIY gifts this year but aren't sure where to start? Check out these apps to get your creative juices flowing. In addition to craft apps we've also included apps to help you learn how to fix things, so whether you're in the mood for making or fixing, we might just have the free iPad, Android, and Windows 8 app you're looking for.

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Craftsy: Fantastic video courses on a range of sewing, baking and fibre techniques. It's probably the one app that both my mom and I find equally useful that did not come installed on our iPads. While the app is free, and many of the courses are as well, not all are. We've purchased a few and have found the money to have been quite well spent.

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Brit + Co: Smaller craft projects abound in this app and it's a great one to break out for DIY gift ideas. Also available for Android.

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Do It Yourself: This app is a collection of video tutorials for a variety of craft projects. While I personally prefer the Craftsy style of video tutorials, this is an interesting app to browse for ideas on my Nexus 7.

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How To Videos From Howcast: For those unfamiliar with Howcast, Howcast is a repository of community created how to videos that seem to exist for every topic or project you can think of. The quality and usefulness of videos vary greatly but the breadth of material covered does make perusing this app worth it. Also available for iOS although the current version was having difficulty launching any videos on the latest iPad running iOS 6.0.1.

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Windows 8
iFixit: It's no secret that here on Apartment Therapy we are big fans of the super helpful iFixit guides. iFixit is the primary source we go to whenever we need to repair tech and they are known for their excellent breakdowns of devices. As one would expect from the iFixit crew, the app is great and we were impressed with it across tablet platforms. Also available for iOS & Android.

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Art & Crafts: Kid centred arts and crafts project app. Built for Windows 8 the app looks at home on the Surface and I wish it had more projects as the ones it does have are beautifully photographed!

Do you have any go-to tablet apps for DIY help and inspiration?

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