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Tablet App Roundup

Whether you're a road warrior or someone who prefers to take their work outside via their tablet, we've brought together several apps that are all about using your tablet to work. While tablets are fun for games and consuming media, they're also nifty tools for taking your work with you, and here are several apps for both the iPad and Android that will help you do just that.

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Wunderlist HD: While Reminders for those on iOS is great, it doesn't sync across non-iOS devices which can be a bit of a pain if you are an Android & iOS team. The thing we love most about this app, in addition to the design of course, is the ability to send any of the tasks in the app to your email. Being able to email tasks from the app is great for those who need to remind other colleagues who are not so handy with the app of things that need to get done. Free

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Evernote: There is a reason why we talk about Evernote so much, it works really well and helps us stay organized and get more things done. Evernote provides you a simple way to organize notes and files, that's easily searchable, synced across devices (and platforms), and shared with colleagues. Without Evernote our expense reports would take even more time than they already do and we would be much more disorganized and forgetful. Free

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QuickOffice HD: Pretty much the grand dame of office apps that work on both Android tablets and the iPad, and while the price is a bit steep at $19.99, remember what you're getting, a very robust Microsoft Office editing suite that works seamlessly on cloud services.

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SyncSpace Shared Whiteboard: We're just going to come out and say it, shared whiteboards are cool. Being able to sketch together with team members is very useful whether you're all in the same conference room or across the globe. What sets this app apart from the rest, is that the drawing space is zoomable, and it's collaborative in real time and works across platforms. Free

What apps help you get work done?

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