Apps We Like To Use For Stress Reduction

Tablet App Roundup

Oh stress, it stinks. Everyone has their own unique ways to de-stress and relax and for some this involves shunning all technology. If you're the type of person who is not opposed to the idea of integrating some tech in your relaxation time, take a gander at these soothing apps for the iPad and Android tablets.

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Bright Puzzles HD: Remember when I mentioned that I use jigsaw puzzles to unwind? I wasn't kidding, and this is the app I turn to the most. Why? Adorable images, along with the option to add my own and break it into jigsaw pieces. The interface is clean and it lacks the scaffolding and "game-ifying" that other jigsaw puzzles apps have. Free

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Zen Space: Ah the zen garden... if you lack the space to put one in your backyard or on your tiny messy desk, settle for the tablet version which is very easy to clean and put away when raking time is over. The way the drawers slide out to proffer rocks and such is well done in this app that it doesn't break the relaxing flow. It's simply the best free iPad zen garden app out there. Free

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Spirits for iPad: Can a game be relaxing? I think so. This beautiful game looks like a high quality animated film and the game play is quite relaxing and involves guiding adorable white spirits home during Autumn. $4.99

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Jigsaroid: With a name like this, how can you not like this jigsaw app? With the selection of jigsaw apps for Android tablets being as slim as it is, this is really one of the few choices for an jigsaw app that is not decked out in garish neon geared towards kids. Free

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Zen Garden: One of the top rated zen garden apps available for the platform, the app has the usual zen garden tools as well as tranquil sounds. Lite, free version is also available. $2.99

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Osmos HD: I fell in love with this game when I put it on my iPad and am overjoyed that my Android using friends can now appreciate the beauty that is Osmos HD. Using the laws of physics, the game is set in space and is another game that is often, especially in the Ambient modes, very relaxing to play. Demo, free version available. Also available on the iPad ($4.99). $2.99

What apps do you like to use to unwind?

(Image: Joelle Alcaidinho)

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