Use a Tablet to Help Your Child Read Their First Word

Tablet App Recommendations

There are many offline and non-digital resources available to help a child learn how to read. But if you're a tech-loving parent interested in exploring early literacy apps for your child, then you've come to the right place. This week's roundup of iPad, Android, and Windows 8 tablet apps focuses upon the challenge of helping a child read their first word...


1. SUPER WHY! (iPad & Android), $3.99.
2. Kid's ABC Phonics (Android, W8, & iOS), $2.99, iOS: $.99.
3. Alpha Writer by Montessorium (iOS), $4.99.
4. Wee Alphas (iPad), $2.99.


6. Kids Learn to Read (W8 & Android), $2.99.
7. Word Wagon HD by Duck Duck Moose (iPad), $3.99.
8. Endless Alphabet (iOS), $2.99.
9. Booksy- Learn to Read Platform (Android & iPad), Free.
10. Learn With Homer (iPad), Free.

Interested in more educational apps for kids? Check out these picks from our archives: 

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