April is Bathroom Month!

April is Bathroom Month!

Maxwell Ryan
Apr 17, 2006

We're getting a very late start today because we just got off a plane this morning from Rincon, Puerto Rico. We went down there for a friend's bachelor party. It was a surprise surf vacation. We got up at 3am. Yes, we're a bit groggy.

Amazing place, Puerto Rico, ...especially the colors. They are the work of a culture that loves playing with a paint deck, but makes sure that every color is first dipped in sunlight. We're blogging the colors later today. Fresh paint chips.

Meanwhile, so much has been going on that we need to catch up on. The judges are working on their decisions, a few more entries have yet to be seen (the judges are already looking at them), we have a big awards party this Thursday in NY and LA, the CURE thread is out of control and it's Bathroom Month, so we'll continue to blog the hell out of anything and everything related to the bathroom.

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