Help Find the Kims

Help Find the Kims

Dec 4, 2006

Aquarabbit wrote in to ask us to spread the word about James and Kati Kim (the owners of Doe and Church Street Apothecary), and their daughters. The Kims left Seattle, on their way back to San Francisco, after a Thanksgiving road trip, and have not been seen since Saturday, November 25, in Oregon. Because AT:SF has readers in the Pacific Northwest, she thought that we could help get the news out.

She says, Kati Kim, the owner of Doe-SF (great clothing and housewares/gifts shop on Haight) and Church Street Apothecary (amazing Noe Valley store for homeopathic remedies and skincare, etc.), her husband James, and their two daughters (ages 4 and 7 months), have been missing [since Saturday, November 25]. They are neighbors of mine and a constant presence in the Upper Noe neighborhood. We are all worried, anxious, and praying for their safe return. . .We're all just trying to get the word out in any way we can. . . if there are readers in that area, there is a search going on now by police, family, and friends.

Friends and famiy have set up a website for the latest news.

CNET is also posting updated information.

Aquarabbit adds, It's been over a week now, so just trying to keep this as much in the forefront as possible.

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