Arbi-phage Task Lamp by Derek Taylor

Design Showcase 2010

Design: Arbi-phage Task Lamp
Materials: Steel, modular plastic hose, bamboo, newspaper
Designer: Derek Taylor

"With this lamp, I sought to create a task light that had an anthropomorphic character to it. I wanted it to look like an alien life form that might scurry off the desk. Material exploration has always been important to me, so playing around with veneering laser-cut bamboo with newspaper and repurposing the articulating gooseneck (a material normally used to carry cutting fluid to industrial machining operations) was a rewarding endeavor."


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"In a lamp, the modular hose provides an otherworldly aesthetic. The lampshade has been veneered with Wall Street Journal stock quotes. Mostly, this just a personal fascination -- I love the patterns the stock symbols and prices make. There’s also something so wonderfully arcane about displaying data this way in the days of high-speed autonomous stock transactions that take milliseconds to process. I felt the need to explore it as an idea while newspapers still exist.

The Arbi-phage Task Lamp is the first of a series of four lighting prototypes I’m working to bring to market as production pieces. is a nascent enterprise, but I’m excited to eventually release products that are inventive yet practical, playful yet functional, and elegant while reasonably priced."

Designer: Derek Taylor
Location: Saco, ME


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