Arc Lamp in the Bedroom?

My boyfriend decided to redecorate our bedroom and I was so excited that I could finally put my interior design knowledge into practical use. However, he left out one bit of information — he wanted to make his own decisions on the selections of new furniture, bedding, lighting, etc. I think he really wanted to make me proud and show me that he can also put together a well designed space. I am pretty impressed with the progress so far, but am still contemplating if an arc lamp belongs in the bedroom and in particular, over the bed.

My initial concerns for a lamp hanging over the bed is bumping my head and knocking it over. I was excited to have my interior designer friend over the other night and showed him our in-progress bedroom. He lives by the philosophies of feng shui, so you can guess what he said. The arc light has been in our bedroom for a week now and it is starting to grow on me. I am not sure if I like it because I am used to it or because it is the best lighting solution for my side of the bed.

I would love to get input from a few fresh eyes. Thanks for your help!

Image: Marcia Prentice

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Marcia is an interior, portrait, and travel photographer and has photographed over 50 homes of creatives. Her photographic style is capturing her subject in the most natural state and creating an emotional response.