Arch Digest 2007: Introduction

Arch Digest 2007: Introduction

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 9, 2007

Andrianna Shamaris on her new slab designs

Welcome to the high end. Whereas ICFF showcases everyone and their mother, with prototype designs nuzzling up against tchochkes and gadgets, The Architectural Digest is pure high end housewares and furnishings for the moneyed set.

Designers we spoke to you said this is where the serious buyers are, and that ICFF was just a distraction. So, what was in it for us? Just fun window shopping, mainly.

BDDW's amazing new leather sideboard design a href="">The Architectural Digest show is like walking down Madison Avenue. There's a lot of beautifully made, exclusive stuff, but not a lot of fun or impromptu creativity to be had...

If it weren't for bumping into a few creative shops like BDDW, International Fashion Machines, and the kooks over at, we would have been a little deflated.

Is it worth going? Yes. The show is small enough to enjoyably walk through in 2-3 hours and there is plenty of room and refreshment. If you are remodeling and have cash to burn, you will find a great number of very practical high end solutions (ovens, sinks, etc) and if you are on the low end, you will see a few neat ideas and enjoy the art booths in particular, which have a really nice variety of affordable art options - all in the more decorative vein.

While it does have it's limitations, this show is a nice 1/2 day trip.

We have more to say about a handful of individual shops that caught our attention. For the next few days, we'll be breaking out the designs we saw and loved, but you can stroll through the whole collection right now.

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