Arch Digest Show 2007: Duc Duc

Arch Digest Show 2007: Duc Duc

Maxwell Ryan
Mar 12, 2007

Alex's Room

High end nursery war advances. At the Architectural Digest Home Design Show last Friday, we got to check out new stuff from the only nursery furniture company in attendance (that we saw): Duc Duc...

Crosby's Room

Leaping off from their cool rockers and cribs shown last year, Duc Duc is getting bigger with complete room sets for children, including new desks. Watch out, David Netto!

Big dining table with flippable tops which hide storage and a white erase sides

Bed, dresser, desk and chair complete each line, while a huge dining table transforms for full on kid time art sessions. None of these items are yet online.

Morgan's Room - with leather pulls

All pieces are pitched as Green and Sustainable, with 100% sustainable hardwoods used, along with Hazardous Air Pollutant Free Lacquer Paints.