FTF Design Studio: Taking flight with the most modern of materials, Husband and wife team, Roseann Repetti and West Chin, are using white corian in a way we've never seen it done before. Check out the stunning xx table on their website...(more below)

CandelierArt.com: We coudn't resist this. They're not normal candles. Real wax bases with electric "wicks" that rock back and forth to mimic the motion of a live flame, what we at first thought funny, we then took much more seriously...(more below)

FTF Design Studio

Their series of clean, white trays, bowls, tables and benches employ corian, bamboo and walnut in new and inventive ways. Originally trade only, their pieces are now available through a number of shops in town.

FTF Design Studio


Why? For one, these guys are pretty darn beautiful. Two, if you DID have a big house and wanted a lot of candles and were afraid of fire (or in a restaurant, say), this would be the way to go. They are convincing.