Archetype LED Pendant by Luceplan

Maxwell’s Daily Find 03.19.12

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Archetype LED Pendant by Luceplan

• $424 (discount for readers)

Spotted in the window of the Luceplan shop in Soho, I love this contemporary LED take on an old commercial shade style. I've fielded many questions looking for stylish pendants to hang over kitchen counters between kitchen and dining room and I would add these to the list. I've linked to the Luceplan shop in NYC that will sell to your directly over the phone or in person and give you a reader discount, but you should be able to order these through any shop that sells Luceplan (see US shops here).

The Archetype "conceals a revolutionary concept: between the outer body, in painted aluminium, and the inner diffuser in transparent polycarbonate, there is a built-in LED and a traditional E27 socket, which allows the device to be mounted onto any lamp holder."

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