Architectural Digest: Hot Copy

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Cue breathless excitment: the July Architectural Digest just arrived with Ted Turner in cowboy boots on the cover and a "Celebrity Homes" supplement featuring glossy pics of 11 homes of the rich and famous, from Don Imus to Robert Duvall.

What can we say about this? Well, actually, not much. AD being strictly old school, they do not post any of this stuff on the web, and, unless you absolutely must see what Mr. & Mrs. Travolta have done with their reception hall in Maine, the whole thing is eminently skippable. But, since we pay for the magazine and we're on the subject, we wish to go on the record as preferring Giorgio Armani's Manhattan pad over Cindy Crawford's "Upper East Side residence."

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"When I design clothes, I don't want to load a woman down with ribbons and brooches," says Armani. "It's the same in the home. I don't want to fill the space." Exactly. Really, who'd of thunk that Armani's bedroom would be sexier than Crawford's? OHR

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