Architectural Inspiration: Rentals by Famous Architects

Architectural Inspiration: Rentals by Famous Architects

Angie Cho
Jun 8, 2012

These amazing vacation rentals were all designed by world-class architects. Perfectly situated in gorgeous landscapes, these homes from architects like Frank Lloyd Wright and Albert Frey make you want to escape your daily routine. Even though most of us won't ever hold the title to one, we can reside in one for a few days!

I don't know which view is more beautiful. The view from the outside looking in, or the view from the inside looking out.

Shown above from left to right:
1. Palmer House in Ann Arbor, Michigan by Frank Lloyd Wright
2. The Russell House in Palm Springs, California by Albert Frey
3. Desert Nomad House in Tucson, Arizona by Rick Joy
4. LostRiverModern in West Virginia by Resolution: 4
5. The Schwartz House in Two Rivers, Wisconsin by Frank Lloyd Wright

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(Images: Boutique Homes)

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