The 2008 Architecture Issue

The 2008 Architecture Issue

Aaron Able
Jun 10, 2008

Did you catch the recent Architecture-themed issue of The New York Times Magazine? If you missed the printed edition on Sunday, you can still find it online. With a broad theme like Architecture, we get a dose of urban planning, interiors, home technology, and even a column by Times film critic A.O Scott discussing how architecture is influenced by science fiction movies...

We found these articles especially interesting and relevant to the AT audience:

  • Face Value — Architectural consultants, Front, have cornered the market on architectural details and facades in the world of starchitects and internationally-known buildings.

  • Metropolis Now — A.O. Scott's exploration of urban design through science fiction movies.

  • Urban Seoul — part of the regular Lives section. This one, by Gabe Hudson the author reflects upon his living situation in Seoul.

  • A Lot-Ek Solution Pilar Viladas looks at the industrial, urban aesthetic of New York-based architecture firm LOT-EK.

For the complete issue see The New York Times Magazine.

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