Arcoroc Cabernet Wine Glasses #46888

Maxwell’s Daily Find 10.25.12

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Arcoroc Cabernet Wine Glasses #46888

• $92.11 for 24
Wasserstrom Restaurant Supply

The only glass you'll ever need. The small restaurant next to our house, 'Ino, uses only one glass for everything, and I've come to like it so much that I replaced ALL the wine glasses in our family's country house with them - a very modern approach. They do red, white AND prosecco in these glasses and they all taste GOOD - and they're cheap.

Restaurant quality with a pleasing size (20oz) and a good lip, these puppies are made in France, cost only a fraction of the high end stuff and you never need to worry about what glass to use again (or breaking one). Note: you buy these by the dozen or double dozen at restaurant supply.

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