Are There Affordable Micro Apartments in San Diego?

Are There Affordable Micro Apartments in San Diego?

Regina Yunghans
Jun 13, 2014
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Q: I am moving from downtown Seattle to San Diego. I have a new job downtown and would like to keep my lifestyle if possible. I currently live in one of Seattle's micro apartments: 295 sq ft, to be exact. I would love to get something similar (maybe a little bigger) in the downtown San Diego area.

I've searched around the net and am continuously doing so, but if there are local San Diegans here, it would be nice to get some tips on where to live. I don't want to spend more than $1000, but if I must $1300 is my limit. If possible it would be nice for the apartment to have a washer/dryer and maybe even a dishwasher. This is tough, I know. I hope you guys can help me out here.

Here's a bit of background on me. I'm a working professional in my late 20s and looking for an amazing place to call home. I would like something eclectic and not that generic Californian apartment with carpet floors and low ceilings. I'm open to suggestions.

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