Are These 1970s MDF Built-Ins Trash or Treasure?

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Q: We're in the middle of remodeling our 1970s era condo. We just finished the bathrooms and are moving on to the floors, but before we do, we have to address the colossal MDF semi-built-in storage units we inherited with the place.

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My boyfriend works from home, and the one in the office/ guest room serves as a somewhat awkward desk for him. In the master bedroom there is one surrounding the window that we use as our dresser, and another in the en-suite sink area (thank you 1970s) that mostly stores bath stuff.

The condo doesn't get much light, and the built-ins certainly don't help with the cavernous feeling. We'll be moving in a few years, and plan to sell the place, so we have to think about resale. My boyfriend hates them and I agree they're ugly, but the storage is nice, and the DIYer in me wants to salvage them. What should we do? Thanks!

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